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Posted So 06 Juni 2021

Lotec way of organizing browser tabs

Authors: Kris

How to organize many tabs, logins, extensions, and bookmarks for different use contexts and have little mess?

I have checked many browser plugins, they are ok. In the end, they don't do the job. Some of them don't work well with other plugins I use (i.e. OneTab breaks TabGroups completely). Some have strange glitches. Simply things are not so smooth.

When I work, I don't want to mix private logins with work logins. A similar thing is with bookmarks or used tabs. It would be awesome to have, like a browser for work, a browser for project X, for fun, and reading news.

Also, it would be cool, if I could all the profiling that is done by the ad companies could be limited. The best option would be if it could mess up with their profiling algorithms. At least it's a nice dream.

There is already something like that. It's called a profile. Each browser has profiles. The only problem is the switching. The switch is always the problem. So why even switch? We can start many browser instances, each with a different profile. I created a simple script Foxer for that.

Say, I want to start work-related browser: foxer work

News? foxer news

With Bash alias, you can make a command work_browser and bam! One command to start the work.

Also, you gain a bit of control over the profiles. By default, they go to ~/profiles/browsers .

So there are problems too. You have to back up your profiles. Periodically the best.

A profile is connected to the browser version. To read it, you need a browser with the proper version. Sometimes, newer versions of browsers will change a profile into a total mess. There are no undo buttons.

So, it is advised to keep an archive with the browser, with the same version, you are using.

Some things need attention. It would be sweet to have plugins installed from some folder, bundle, or list. There is also the issue of every cookie. Can it be somehow stopped?

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