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Posted Sa 09 Mai 2020

Das monday

When you are crazy, you can have three options. When you are poor, you end up low, on the streets, alone. When you're from the middle class, you go to an institution. When you are rich, you get at job in an institution. Fox Mulder was rich. He had a job in the FBI. De ex-fajls, uhhhhh. Fucking huge number of people weekly. Monthly. Sends letters describing, what you or one of your neighbors are supposedly doing. They write stories about you, to various types of institutions. Made up stories, just because they can. And all those institutions, Tax Office, Police, FBI, and many others, have to check each such denunciation. Even if it's a UFO story or zombie ate my dog, they have to check it. At least some of them have. That's the place where Fox was working. He had a job, he couldn't fuck up.

Well, Scully. You're not gonna believe this. You can do that, that's what the whole series is about. Fox was a guy with some form of schizophrenia. That's all folks. The whole X-Files is about the delusions of a rich boy. Let's look closer. The X sign on the windows? Classic red flag for the neighbor with mental problems. Letters, signs, calls to action glued to windows. Those are in some cases common symptoms. His sister? Taken to an institution, cause she had more serious problems. Let's blame genetic stuff. For little Fox, big guys in white clothes "kidnapping" his sister, are the tall gray man. The stuff with the bees? Genetic crops, his family business. Fox just read some internet forum with tin foil hats. Did Fox had some crystal-like pendant in the series? There was a vaccine in the plot with which Fox fought. What about Scully? Why she at some point started to cooperate and even more? Well, if he was narcissistic. Which can be possible. Then, long exposure to narcissist's bullshit without much contact with other people (narcs like to isolate) can mess in your brain. Scully is a victim of his manipulations.

I don't know how this showed up in my mind. Such a switch in narration, you can apply to most series on TV. It's kind of scary. But also it's cool.

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