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  1. Lotec way of organizing browser tabs

    So 06 Juni 2021

    Authors: Kris

    How to organize many tabs, logins, extensions, and bookmarks for different use contexts and have little mess?

    I have checked many browser plugins, they are ok. In the end, they don't do the job. Some of them don't work well with other plugins I use (i.e. OneTab …

  2. Quickly setup your own jabber server

    Fr 09 Oktober 2020

    When you read this texty, you will be able to set up your own jabber server (XMPP) using Prosody. For you it will be few minutes, for me it was few hours.

    Why have a private jabber server? You won't relay on any corporate message communicator. You will controll your …

  3. Did you experiment with the color themes?

    Di 09 Juni 2020

    My color theme for every programming language has golden(yellow) color for every comment. I have set the same color for all strings also.

    I did that, because the best method to code is the literate programming. There is only one problem with it. It takes time and it's not …

  4. Das monday

    Sa 09 Mai 2020

    When you are crazy, you can have three options. When you are poor, you end up low, on the streets, alone. When you're from the middle class, you go to an institution. When you are rich, you get at job in an institution. Fox Mulder was rich. He had a …

  5. Lotec automation

    So 12 April 2020

    I like GNU make. It's a tool older than me. From the 1976. It's still awesome. In general, you create in your project a file called Makefile, inside that file you write down commands/tasks and their definitions using shell commands and few other things. It's a shell tool, it's …

  6. My publishing pipeline

    Mo 09 März 2020

    Generally I wanted to have low resource consuming blog. The choice was to server static files. Serving static files is the king in serving any webpage. You have rendered final content in an HTML file. No code has to be run. No memcached or similar stuff. You enter URL address …